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(931) 684-0030
1117 N. Main St.
Shelbyville, TN 37160


At Tire & Muffler USA, we take pride in offering the best customer experience to Shelbyville, TN, Chapel Hill, TN and Christiana, TN. We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible each visit.

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1117 N Main St
Shelbyville, TN 37160
Phone: (931) 684-0030

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Tire & Muffler USA
Wow... talk about a place that will work with someone on a fixed income... and a place that doesn't have prices that will cause to to faint or run screaming... well, I've found one! My elderly neighbor's car went "wonky" on her on her way to a doctor's visit in the next county. She called in desperation, as if I could wave an automotive magic wand and fix it long distance. Unfortunately, I couldn't. It wouldn't start but had lights, radio, etc. I told her to just have it towed home with her roadside assistance as she had mentioned it not going into reverse and a few other oddities before it died. Fast forward... I get ANOTHER call. She's in tears. She conveniently FORGOT to have it towed. It started. She attempted to drive it. It went approximately TWO BLOCKS before shaking and shuddering and dying... on a busy road. Thank the good Lord the old gal managed to move it to the turn lane... only annoying those who wished to turn... and me. When I say "DO NOT DRIVE THE VEHICLE" would you not imagine I mean what I say? Anyway, the car gets towed to our apartment complex. It's now very late in the day. I tell her we will call roadside tomorrow to see about getting a jump to see if I can tell what's wrong. We do. The car starts. The driver leaves and he's not halfway out of the lot and it dies. I flag him back... we use the jump box, it starts. He has me rev the engine, I do, it still dies. We look at each other and go "ALTERNATOR!" I order one, it's damaged although the outer shipping box is pristine. Never order from PartsGeek. Still waiting for a refund. Ordered another from RockAuto (love them) and it got here super fast. Called Tire and Muffler USA as a friend who had started working to put it on decided they didn't want to any longer. Dawn answers the phone, laughing. Love it!!! She assured me they'd work with Sandy if it was going to be a financial burden. This is a great, Christian based business. Happy people. Had the car towed there and they had someone drive me home. That's service! The car is ready. It's well under $90 for the work, and they're sending someone to pick me up to get it... how much better can it get? They smile. They laugh. They accommodate you every which way. They work with people on limited incomes. God bless 'em... this is now my go-to place for car service. Should be yours too... : )

Business reply to this review:

Best review ever thank you so much Tish!! WOW what a CHRISTIAN NEIGHBOR you are if there were more people in the world like you; it would be a better place! :) Please enjoy a FREE oil change because YOU take care of OTHERS---WE want to take care of YOU!! Thank you and see ya soon my friend, Wendy
Tire & Muffler USA
Tire & Muffler USA, did a great job on installing my husbands new custom wheels! The service was great & he loves his new wheels!

Business reply to this review:

So glad Barney loves the wheels---he is looking SHARP!!
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